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Urusei Yatsura's History

Or where it got started.

(Thank You Animeigo liner notes for some of this info, Thanks Tomobiki-cho for the rest. )

1981 : Urusei Yatsura by Rumiko Takahashi is first published by Shounen Sunday. Soon after it becomes a TV series.

1982 : The 1st Urusei Yatsura movie "Only You" comes out.

1984 : the 2nd Urusei Yatsura movie "Beautiful Dreamer" Probably the best of the 6 Urusei Yatsura movies.

1985 : The 3rd and my personal favorite Urusei Yatsura movie "Remember My Love" is released.

1986 : The 5th and Final season of Urusei Yatsura comes to an end after over 190 episodes. Also the 4th movie "Lum the Forever" was released. The first OVA series "Ryoko's September Tea Party" was first aired at the 1985 Urusei Yatsura Fan Club convention, and "Memorial Album I'm the Suu-chan" at the 1986 convention.

1987 : The 2nd OVA "Inaba the Dreammaker" is released.

1988 : The Manga comes to an end and the 5th movie "The Final Chapter" is released. The OVA's "Raging Sherbert" and "Nagisa's Fiance" are also released.

1989 : The Last OVA's "I Howl at the Moon", "The Electric Household Guard", "Catch the Heart" and "Goat and Cheese" are released and that was it until...

1991 : The 10 year anniversary Urusei Yatsura movie is released "Always My Darling" the 6th and final movie.

No other Urusei Yatsuras have been made since 1991 with the exception of fan made dojinshis, and other fan fiction you can find around the internet.

Even still though it seems we will never forget this classic anime series, which even today 21 years later still has us asking for more. Urusei Yatsura fans have shown how enduring this old school anime series can be, even in an age of new anime fans that have no clue of who Lum is or her and Ataru Moroboshi's story.

What will Urusei Yatsura fans do at the 25th Anniversary?

Let us wait and see.