Ataru Moroboshi: Of course Ataru must be listed first. He is the opponent choosen as the champion against the invaders in the game of tag for the fate of Earth and he wins, is that a good thing or a bad? Well for Earth it is good but for him, well his opponent mistakes his ramblings about marrage as a proposal to her. This is how Ataru and Lum met. Ataru is a very lecherous individual and it is often asked in the series if he really is human. His name is also a joke, Rumiko Takahashi named him Moroboshi which literally means "falling star".


Lum: Face it, She's the real star of the show and why most fans watch Urusei Yatsura. If she has a last name it was never specified, most just called her Lum, Lum-san or Miss Lum. She heard Ataru say something about marrage and that was enough for her. Lum has the misfortune of have bad taste in men. No one knows why she fell for the scum of the universe Ataru Moroboshi, or what attracted her to her former fiance Rei. She has two sides to her personality, the kind and loving side that will do any thing for her "Da-ling" as she calls Ataru. And a mean side that can be very jealous, violently jealous! She can fly and fire lightning bolts usually at Ataru when angered, but has been know to nail others when the situation calls for it. And when her lightning doesn't work she realizes on claws and fangs. Which would you preffer?


I'll get more soon.