Lum Links

My List of other Lum Sites

The link to Urusei Yatsura sites is going to be revised, as many of the sites currently listed are no longer around. That's very sad news. I get back with an updated list of what's still on line.

First, What I'd say are the TOP 2 Lum sites on the net! And they have been around for the longest time.

1. Tomobiki-cho: It's down again, but that should be temporary. Go ahead and check.
2. The World of Urusei Yatsura: still up and going, I guess that would make this the #1 place for Lum.

The others here while not as big as the first 2 they are worth a look see.

the Purple Dragon's Lum Shrine : A Lum picture shine plus many other anime females, no Love Hina characters yet though.
Urusei Yatsura Museum : it's currently under construction, and may never be finished.
ILM. Industrial Lum and Manga : Urusei Yatsura Manga translated by fans for fans. Because VIS hasn't been doing it!
Paladin La De Da's Rest Stop :
Lum Avatars : Avatars of Lum for VP chat
Lum the Bodyguards maximum cadre society Okawa branch : This is a Japanese page, however if you have a Real Player there are UY Themes here to watch and listen to.
80's Girls : down
Uhu's Anime Zone : Various anime here, more importantly a Urusei Yatsura and Love Hina section :)
Bloom : missing
Michael's Urusei Yatsura Page : Still here.
Rumic Gourmet Guide : It's in Japanese but there is an English page.
Agnes Lum : It was said the Rumiko Takahashi based Lum off a model named Agnes Lum, here is the real Lum.
Rumiko Page : Links to many Japanese Rumiko fan sites.
Sakura Shrine : A Shrine to Sakura.

After much checking I found these website are down. If they moved could you tell me where. Thanks.

Lamu net : Missing

Sailorlum's Lum Shrine : Missing

The Miss Lum Image Gallery :Missing

The World of Wild Heart : Missing

Lum's World : Missing

Dream Goddess Lum : Missing

Michael's Urusei Yatsura Page : Missing