With as much as I like Lum I do have other interests and hobbies.

I may have to organize these by catagories soon.

These are 2 other websites I've made

A Dark Universe : My other hobbies

Erie Legends : A collection of Urban Legends from Erie county Pennsylvania

These are websites I go to often. Sorted by catagory.

GAMES & model buIldINg

Dream Pod 9 : With FASA calling it quits DP9 makes the best mech combat game for minatures out there, Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles.

Ground Zero Games : Tired of 40K? Tired of paying for over priced sci-fi miniatures? You want a replacement game for 40K? It's right here! GZG makes miniatures and rules for games like Stargrunt II and Full Thrust. And if you look around they have miniatures of anime characters.

Star Frontiers : I played this game years ago now it is no longer in print. But WOTC still holds on to the rights of ownership of it for some reason.

Working Designs : The translators of great RPG's Lunar the Silver Star and Lunar Eternal Blue. And a few other good games.

Starship Modeler : Mechs, Babylon 5, and other sci-fi models built by fans.


anIme & comIcs

MAHQ: The Ultimate source for Gundam and other mecha

LOVE HINA_LOVE HINA_LOVE HINA : UY is still my #1 anime with Gundam #2, This series has the potential to surpass Tenchi Muyo as my #3.

Gremlin Trouble : If you know the comic Gremlin Trouble this is the AntiBallistic Pixelations official website.

Inktank : They've been on a hiatus for a while, but the archives are still open.

Keenspot : A larger source of on line comics.

Otakon : The Biggest anime convention in the U.S.A.

Pittsburgh Comic Con : I love this comic con. I go every year.

Tekkoshocon : A new anime con in Cranberry PA. On the north west side of Pittsburgh.




Sonic Images : Music by Christopher Franke, you know Babylon 5, Tenchi the Movie

T'pau : My favorite band.

Tangerine Dream : A New Age group that has been around since the 70's. Chistopher Franke is a former member

Cusco : Another New Age group.



Internet Movie Data Base : Every movie and TV show ever made is listed here, even Anime movies and series.

.DON'T LOOK HERE!!! : I'll only warn you once! What ever you do, don't click on this link!!